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I think this insurance is VERY important, especially if you are prone to accidents or clumsy!!And especially if you are renovating your house! And most of you are (all I can hear in builders’ merchant shop is English speaking customers)!!

Are you covered against accidents?

-Are you renovating your house? Doing a lot of DIY or gardening?

Each year, 11 Million people meet with personal accidents in France. A bad fall, a burn, a bike accident, a dog bite,

a DIY or gardening accident, injury doing sport, etc.

The examples are unfortunately all too frequent. In 4 out of 5 cases, the victim is the sole liable party of the accident.

What compensation is covered:                 


  1. For death:

-Funeral cost.

-Loss of revenue for the close family.

-Expenses for the close family due to the death.

-Compensation for emotional distress for the close family.

  1. For permanent disability (from 5%):

-The future and actual loss of revenue.

-The temporary or permanent functional deficiency.

-The assistance from a third person.

-The cost of adapting the house and vehicle to your disability.

-Compensation for endured suffering.

-Compensation for the loss of leisure activity (like not being able to do gardening anymore or sport, etc.).

Eg. of compensation: Thierry, 37 years old injures his hand using an angle grinder doing DIY at home resulting in a disability of 12% on his hand.

Total compensation: 54 189.12 euro:

  • 4 500 for the endured pain
  • 1 500 for the esthetic compensation
  • 20 000 for psychological compensation
  • 1 200 for needing a carer
  • 15 000 for loss of future revenues
  • 19 890.12 for actual professional loss

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