ALLIANZ 4LIFE formule epargne (investment account)

Most of you by now know about the savings account called Assurance Vie which is an investment with tax advantage (revenues and inheritance tax) but did you know that with us, there are different sort of Assurance Vie depending on what you expect from your money. This article will present you with 1 very innovative assurance vie from Allianz, which is looking for the best growth of capital while protecting you from market crashes.

    1. Criteria for subscribing: Available to any French resident of 18 to 80 years old who have a minimum of €30 000 to invest. No maximum.
    2. How does it work: This Assurance Vie works a bit like a “stop loss”. On the anniversary date of your contract, Allianz looks at how much is on it and takes stock of the amount. If your capital has decreased by more than 10%, Allianz reimburse you up to minus 10%. E.g.: You invest €100 000 on 01/01/2016 and on 01/01/2017 you have only €80 000 left on it due to a market crash. Then Allianz re-adjust your contract to €90 000 (100 000-10%). 

On the contrary, if the amount has increased, Allianz take stock of the amount and the 10% guarantied is re-adjusted to this new amount. E.g.: on 01/01/2016, you have invested €100 000 and on 01/01/2017, you now have €115 000, then Allianz recalculate the stop loss of -10% from €115 000 so if in 01/01/2018, you have €100 000, then Allianz re-adjust your contract to €103 500 (115 000-10%). So not only it protects you from market crashes but it secures your gains. You can choose a stop loss at -15% or -7% instead of -10%.

    1. How the money is invested: The money is invested in one of two funds: Allianz Strategy 30 (stop loss at -7%) Allianz Strategy 50 (stop loss at -10%) or Allianz Strategy 75 (stop los at -15%). All 3 funds have been noted 5 stars by Morningstar (Independent investment notation company). As of 29th of February, Strategy 75 has made +17.22% in the last 3 years, +36,43% in the last 5 years. Allianz Strategy 50 has made +4,34% in the last 3 years, +18,14% in the last 5 years. Of course, performances of the past are no guaranties for the future and those figures include the big losses of 2022!
    2. Fees: Well, yes, I don’t work for free all the time! Entry free normally 4.50% but unfortunately, I always negotiate and never take that. Usually above €100 000, I take 0% (if below 100K, around 0.5% entry fee). Management fee per year is 1.015% + 1.10% for the stop loss guaranty option.
    3. Withdrawals: Partial and full withdrawals possible at any time. No fees for taking your money out. 
    4. Adding money to it: Only on the anniversary date of the policy and a minimum of €1500. Or any time if you have taken out the stop loss guaranty which you can do after the first year of the contract.
    5. Transforming it to Allian4Life formule Retraite: You have the possibility to transform this contract onto the pension version which guaranties income. You are to be over 50 years old and 60 to start getting the income.

Conclusion: With interest rates being at their lowest ever, it is imperative to look at alternative investments that would bring more income without risking it all. Especially if the inflation goes above the % of interest you get. If this happens, you actually lose money without realising it! 

Allianz has a solvability ratio that is one of the best on the market at 174% for Allianz France and 200% for Allianz Group so don’t hesitate to contact me for any further information regarding our very large range of investments. 

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