The “Ministère des Finances et du Redressement productif” has given Allianz France  the Label RFAR to our purchase department concerning our « overall expenses».

Engaged since 2000 in an approach of sustainable development, Allianz France was already the first Insurance company to sign the code of ethical and responsible relationship with suppliers in 2010.

This label reward French companies who have established a Policy of responsible purchase and make sure they have a sustainable and lasting relationship with their suppliers. 41 companies only have obtained this label. This evaluation also attests of Allianz conformity with the norm ISO 20400. Only 12 companies are ISO 20400 compliant in France.

Those labels reward the daily implication of Allianz France to establish a lasting and responsible relationship with its suppliers. Because Ethical, environmental and Social subjects are at the heart of our priorities as much as performance and innovation.

Allianz has also launched in October 2018 an investment Socially responsible.

The investment ISR has to follow some criterias based on 3 factors ESG:

Ecology: Management of waste, Reduction of greenhouse gas emission, Prevention Of environmental risk.

Social: Prevention of accident, Training of employees and equality of chances, Respect of employees’ rights and social dialogue, respect of subcontracting chain.

Governance: Independence of the board of directors, Quality of the governance of the company, remuneration of directors, effort in anti-corruption.

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