This is a new system provided by Allianz to entitled people of a certain age or becoming more and more dependant on others to stay at home for as long as possible (instead of having to move to a retirement home) by providing an emergency help in case of accident or a fall.

Level 2:  It is 28€ per Month and the same as above but it also has a GPS included so Allianz Assistance can locate you everywhere!! So, you are more secured to move around and can get assistance even outside your house.

If you need help, you push the button and you can ask the team to send your location to your helper by text. The device works like a phone so you can contact the Assistance team or your helper directly from the device.

A security perimeter can be set so that if you move beyond this perimeter, a text is sent to your helper. Good if you have Alzheimer and get lost wondering.

Obviously not to be used to keep an eye on your girlfriend!!!

Level 3: It is 56.10€ per Month. A system is installed in your house and register your habits. If there is a change in your habits (not up before 12 whereas usually up at 11am for instance), then the system either contact your helper or the emergency services. It can even detect if you have had a fall.

Note that you get 50% tax credit on the amount you pay per year for level 1 and 3. Level 2 must be coupled with Level 1 or 3 to also have the 50% tax credit.

If you are not an Allianz customer, the premium is increased by 1.90€ per Month.

You can cancel at any time, no penalties.

To subscribe, simply email Isabelle Want:

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