Allianz like many other compagnys is victim of Fraud. So we are asking you to help us fight it. Criminals can try to use our logo to get access to informations in oder to steal money!!

If you think you have been victim of a fraud which involved a fake message you thought was coming from Allianz, please contact this email: .

I have listed below some advice on how to spot fraud and avoid it:

-Never communicate your pin  number for your card or your Bank details unless you are sure who is asking for it. Do not give away password (unless it is me and you want me to do your tax online!!).

-Modify regularly your passwords (at least every 6 Months).

-Do not communicate your personal details to an email you do not recognise and do not open attachements.

-Protect your computer with an Anti-virus and make sure it is up to date.

-Try to recognise emails that looks like offical organisations but are trying to ask for your bank details or personal details or even ask you to open the attached document (virus!!) so you can get claim some money or view an invoice (which is never real).

-Beware of offers which looks too good to be true!!Before you do an investment, you can visit the site of AMF( Authorites des Marches financiers)to check the listing of fake and fraud companies:

-If you win a prize, do check first with the company that this type of operation does exist.

-Never accept to do a contract, receive a deposit or cash in a cheque on behalf of someone else.

Good luck!! If you are unsure about an email from Allianz or BH-Assurance, you are always welcome to forward it to us at our normal emails:,, and

Or even me!!

Below is an exemple of an email I received telling me that the result of the lotery is attached!! The email address is a .cy which I belive is Cyprus so why I would receive an email from Cyprus!!

I obvisouly did not open it and deleted it straight away!

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