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Some of you are sometimes put off by the high premium of top up health insurance. You probably think that because you are in good health, there is no need for it. However, being in good health does not prevent an accident!! The cost of an ambulance is 1 400 euro and you only get 70% of it back (unless it is life threatening in which case it is reimbursed 100%) so, it could be wise to look at a top up. Did you know that Allianz offers a cover that is basically half the price of any normal top up with the hospital only cover?

  • What is the cover: Basically, quite good in regards to hospital as it is 400% cover and also up to 150 euro per day for an individual room. In France, you either share the room with someone else or you can choose to be on your own like an hotel room (with your own bathroom). Note that the cover does not guarantee you will be able to get the room, it simply covers the cost if you can get one. Usually, you can always get one in a private hospital (Clinique).

It also covers things outside the hospital such as ambulance, x-rays, scans and blood test.



General running costs such as cleaning, electricity, food, etc

Whatever the cost

Excess (participation forfaitaire in French)

Whatever the cost

Surgeon and medical team fees


Hospital daily fees (cost of care and medical equipment, etc)


Individual room

Up to 150€/day





Extra bed in the room to stay with patient (Up to 20 days)




Outside hospital:


Nursing fees


X-rays, scans, ultrasound, MRI and medical technical acts


Analyses and laboratories exams (blood test)


  • Surcharge: 100% top up cover is 100% of the price set by the French Health System, but the medical professionals are self-employed and are allowed to apply a surcharge. It is mostly done by consultants, surgeons, private hospitals, dentists, etc. Example: the French Health System set price for a hip replacement is 1000€ (not the actual figure, just an example), then you only get reimbursed 800€ (80%) and because the surgeon likes to go golfing week ends!!(Joke) and 1000 euro is not enough for him, he can charge 3000€ , therefore, you would be 2200€ (instead of just 200 euro) out of pocket!! Therefore, a cover with your top up at 300% would cover that surcharge. The Allianz hospital cover is 400%.
  • Extras: With Allianz top up, you also get extras like free home cleaning if you are in hospital for more than 3 days or even look after your pets, etc.
  • How does it work if you are hospitalised: When you are hospitalised, the hospital will contact Allianz, so Allianz set up “une prise en charge” meaning Allianz and CPAM will pay instead of you (just as well as the surgery could cost an arm and a leg!!). The only thing you would have to pay for when you come out is the food, the individual room and telephone or TV bill. Simply pass it on to us for reimbursement or send it directly to Allianz santé (remboursementsante@allianz.fr).
  • What it does not cover: Well, mostly it does not cover things outside hospitalisation such as dentists, opticians, glasses, GPs, consultants, medicines, physios. However, do note that you are covered a certain percentage of the cost by CPAM (French health system) for those. For instance, the GP visit is covered 70% (GP visit cost 25 euro).
  • How much does it cost: It mostly depends on your age. But note that if you are self-employed you get an extra discount which is not in my examples. For someone of 85 years old it is about 60 € /Month. Someone at 70, around 45€ per Month. Someone at 55, around 30€ per Month. Etc. Basically the younger you are the cheaper!! Note that if you already have an Allianz contract with our office, there is an additional 10% discount. And if you take out the contract as a couple, a 5% discount. To get a quote, simply email me your full name, postal address, occupation, and birthdates.

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