OK, as if filling it the French income tax form was not hard enough, you now must do it online!!

 The French government passed a law in 2016 stating that by 2020, everybody will do it online and they are gradually forcing everybody to do it.

In 2016, if your revenue fiscal de reference was over 40 000 euro on your “Avis d’imposition 2014”, then you have done it online already. Failure to do so resulted in a 15 euro fine!

Exempt are people who do not have access to internet. If you are reading my newsletter, you have internet!

Now for 2019, it will be going down again to 15 000 euro.

If it is your first time filling in a French income tax form, then you cannot do it online as you won’t be able to get your access codes.

What is the web site of the tax office: www.impots.gouv.fr

Where do I click:  On Votre espace particulier in blue on the right top hand side on the web page:

You then enter your access code in “Connexion ou Creation de votre espace”. You then come to this page asking you to enter your “numero fiscal”. You can find your numéro fiscal on your “Avis d’imposition 2017”. That is the document you received at the end of August 2018 telling you how much income tax you had to pay. Then click on “continuer”

You will need 3 reference numbers. The “numéro fiscal” (your tax reference number), the numéro de “déclarant en ligne (your web reference number) and your “revenue fiscal de reference” (that’s the amount of revenue declared the previous year).

You can find the numéro fiscal and Revenue fiscal de reference on your avis d’imposition-see picture on the left.

You can find your “N° d’accés en ligne or N° de declarant en ligne” on your 2042 prefilled that you will be receiving this year. See below the one of last year. If you filled in your first income tax form last year, note that you will receive the 2042 prefilled with your tax reference, name, etc this year around mid-April.

You are then asked to enter your email address and you will receive an email with a link to click on to create your password.

The link is only valid for a few days so don’t wait to create your password.

Once you have done that, the only thing you need is your numéro fiscal (your tax reference) and your password and you can access your personalised tax site which allows you to fill in your income tax form online but also check your “taxe fonciere” and “d’habitation”, make payments (monthly, yearly, etc).

Bon courage!

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