As you know, British people who want to apply to be residents in France must proove that they are on the French health system or that they have health insurance EQUIVALENT to the French health system+ top up. Good news for 2021, we now have it!! Via our insurance broker called April. The insurance is called Travel cover.


  1. What it is: It is a medical cover for anybody staying outside their home country for more than 15 days whatever his or her nationality or country of residence. So it is not only for British people staying in France permanently but even for British people on holiday in France for less than 12 Months.


  1. How long for: Anytime between 15 days and 12 Months. Note that you decide on the period. You can only extend the period once and it has to be accepted. It might not be accepted if you have made too many claims. The policy can be cancelled after a minimum of 3 Months with proof that you are accepted onto the French health system.


  1. The cover:

-Transport by ambulance (if hospitalisation is covered by APRIL International), Hospital room and board (including the daily charge in France) Medical and surgical fees Examinations, diagnostic tests and drugs Medical treatments and procedures: 100% of actual costs. Prior agreement is required for all medical care costing more than €2,000 and referral to the most suitable hospital (based on the medical condition and the costs charged by the facilities)

-Hospitalisation for the treatment of mental or nervous disorders: 80% of actual costs, up to 30 days per year

-Private room Up to €50 per day

-Consultations, treatments and procedures carried out by general practitioners or specialists, Laboratory tests and examinations, x-rays and pharmacy items. Care provided by nurses and physiotherapists: 100% of actual cost

-Emergency dental treatment Up to €400 per year

-Dentures (following a reported accident) Up to €600 per year

-Other prostheses (following a reported accident) Vision care: lenses and frames or contact lenses (following a reported accident) Up to €500 per year

-Contraception, vaccines and anti-malarial treatments on prescription Up to €100 per year

-Medical transport 100% of actual cost

Maximum cover is 200 000 euros.


  1. The cost: It depends on how long you want it for and your age.

Egg: for Someone born in 1976 for a stay in France for 6 Months, it’s 786€. For someone born in 1965 for 3 Months cover in France is 513€, 1020€ for 6 Months. For someone born in 1955, it is 1503€ for 6 Months.

Note that it is an extra 18€ per Months if you want to pay monthly and there is a health questionnaire so acceptance or price quoted might depend on the answers of the questionnaire.



To do a quote I simply need your full name, occupation , birthdate and address in France. Note that the cover is for a determined period (up to 12 Months) and the cover can be stopped with proof that you are on the French health system (attestation de droit).


To carry on the note on Health cover, I found that a lot of people panic about it but please remember that you have until the 31st of June to apply to residency hence loads of time to apply onto the French health system. Note also that if you are going to be an auto entrepreneur, you will automatically be onto the French health system. If you apply to PUMA, Cpam will backdate the cover to when you first apply so only need cover for the first 3 Months you are in France (you can only apply to PUMA once you have been in France for 3 months).

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