Now most of you are renovating your houses in France but are you fully aware of the rules and yes, paperwork that goes along with it!! Those forms are to make sure that the work you do is OK and conformed to the rules of your commune (town or village). So the forms are checked by your Mairie before you do the work.

It exists different types of forms/documents to fill in depending on what work you are doing on your house: “Declaration préalable” is just you stating what work you intend to do. “Permis de construire” is a work permit. The Permis de Construire is a work permit and is subject to a “taxe d’aménagement”, yes a tax to pay depending  on the work you do and its size. This is why most people in France make sure their conservatory is just around 19m2!!

-New construction between 5 and 20m2: Déclaration préalable

-New construction above 20m2: Permis de construire

-Swimming pool not covered between 10 and 100m2: Déclaration préalable

-Swimming pool not covered above 100m2: Permis de construire

-Work on existing building such as changes to the exterior (rendering of walls, change of windows, roofing, solar pannels): Déclaration préalable

-Fencing: Déclaration préalable

-Change from not habitable to habitable (from barn or shop to a house)without changes to the exterior: Déclaration préalable

-Change from not habitable to habitable with changes to the exterior: Permis de construire

The forms Cerfa N°13703*07 (Declaration prealable) and Cerfa N°13406*07 (permis de construire) are available online on or at your Mairie.

Once filled in, you have to give them to your Mairie. Someone at your mairie is (or should be) available to discuss the forms with you and help you out.

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