After almost 12 years of ‘living our dream’ retirement in France, we took the decision to return to the UK, to once again be closer to family.

Although aware that it would be near impossible to buy a comparable property for the sale price of our French home, it was more than a little disheartening to discover just what was available within our budget (as UK property prices have continued to soar since we left).

Having explored options that might enable us to buy a comfortable home, without using all of our savings (i.e. Shared Ownership or Lease for Life) we discovered that via Equity Release, we could borrow up to 42% of the purchase price of our new home, with the guarantee of never having to make any monthly payments (unless we chose to do so).

Discussing our experience with many friends, we found that we were not alone in having been unaware of the opportunities that Equity Release might offer, as illustrated below:

  • Purchase Price of UK property – £180,000.
  • Equity Release loan – £75,600 i.e. 42% of the purchase price (subject to age and state of health).
  • Required Deposit – £104,400.

As you can see, the availability of Equity Release can provide a lot more choice and could allow greater flexibility, when selling in France.

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