Ok, I agree, it is not the funniest thing to talk about, but you must know what to do in case you have a car crash. And it is better to look at it when you are calm and composed instead of discovering it when you have the accident and you are all stressed and chocked!!

-If you have had an accident and the car is damaged, you must fill in a CONSTAT AMIABLE, which is a friendly accident report. You will find a translated version of it below. You must fill this even if you have damaged the car on your own or with an animal (the animal does not have to sign it!!). You can ask for one or more at any insurance company office (they are the same for all insurances companies).

-If the accident involves 2 vehicles, just fill in one accident statement and take a copy each (when you fill in the first page, make sure it writes on the pages underneath as well).

-If the accident involves more than 2 vehicles, fill in one contat per vehicles involved with you. E.g.: For a pile up, fill in a statement with the vehicle in front and another with the vehicle at the back.

-If possible, take as many photos as possible as photos don’t lie!

-Draw a lay out of the accident in box N°13.

-If there is a witness, please take their details. There is a box for that on the accident statement.

-If you do not agree with the other person involved in the accident with you, do not sign the accident statement. But write your remark in box N°14 and take your copy of it.

-You can write your remarks in English as long as the other driver can understand it and is OK with it.

-If the other driver refuses to sign, make sure you take the number plate and write in the remark box that he refuses to sign.

-You must send your copy of the statement to your insurance company within 5 days. If you send it by post, make a copy first.

-If you are injured and cannot fill in the constat on site, just contact your insurance company or get someone else to do it as soon as possible.

-It’s a good idea to prefill it (your personal details and insurance contract number) and leave it in your car as you often are in a state of panic when you have an accident so that one thing less to do then.

-Always fill one in even if the other person involved wants to resolve it without involving the insurance. We have found that once they have found out how it cost, they change their mind and you are stock with no proof!! Fill one in even if the other person says they don’t have insurance! You then at least have a proof it is their fault and you might need it in court (if it comes to that).

Conclusion: Well, the best is not to have an accident, especially if you are one of my customers!! But you don’t usually choose to have one so please read this carefully and in doubt, phone your insurance agent. Be safe!

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