First of all, you need to check that you are covered for it!! If your policy is fully comprehensive, it’s covered. If it is third party, it depends as there are 3 types of third party (One includes Windscreen cover so check first).

Option 1:

  • Call Carglass on 0977 40 38 38 to make an appointment*


appointment or request the call back option.

This option is very useful if you don’t want to pay in advance. You can ask to be called back by someone who speaks English. They have a contract with all insurance companies we use apart from Mascot/Premium (collection cars).

Carglass will ask you

  1. for your policy n°
  2. for some information from your carte grise to insure they will order the correct windscreen
  3. ask you to pay for your excess only (if you have one)

*Carglass may ask you to drive to their nearest depot, or they will come to your house to carry out the replacement/repairs.

Option 2:

Go to your local garage, have your windscreen replaced / repaired and send us the invoice either by mail on or by post

Allianz 22 Rue Jean Jaurès 16700 Ruffec 05 45 31 01 61.

We will then process the reimbursement either by bank transfer* or by cheque*
*bank transfer: approx. 3-4 days
*Cheque: approx. 7 days

Contact us !

In order to discuss and meet your need as best as possible, feel free to contact us with a mail, phone call... We can also schedule a meeting in one of our four agencies... Or directly to your home !