Sorry to be gloomy this month but here is one of our most popular policies which gives a lump sum to beneficiaries of your choice to help them pay for your funeral. Funnily enough, we all have house insurance in case our house burns down but not all of us have insurance on ourselves when we are pretty sure we are all going to die!! So, if you don’t have big savings, this is a must have contract. Unless you don’t like the person who is going to pay for the funeral????!

  • Criteria for subscribing: Anybody aged between 50 and 84 years old and who is French resident. No health questionnaire.


  • How much can you be insured for: Between 3000 and 10000 euro without a health questionnaire. Average cost for funeral in France is around 3 to 4000€. Cremation and burial are about the same. The lump sum you are insured for follows inflation because 3000€ today might not be worth the same in 10 years!!


  • How does it work: The lump sum you are insured for is given to the funeral parlor (presentation of the bill) or to the person who has paid the funeral (presentation of the bill paid) and what is left is given to the beneficiaries you have named on the policy. You are not covered the first year for disease or suicide, but you are insured for death by accident straight away. If you die of disease in the first year, the insurance company pays back the amount you have paid in. It is not like a normal insurance whereby if you stop paying your premium you stop being insured. You receive a statement every year showing 3 lines. The first one shows how much you are insured for and it follows inflation. The second shows how much you are insured for if you stop paying the premium. The last line shows how much is available if you want to shut down the policy completely. That means that if you are still alive after 10 or 15 years, you can afford to stop paying the premium as you will have enough cover already. Or if one of you dies and the survivor of the couple wants to go back to the UK, you can cash in the value of your policy (amount shown on the third line of theyearly statement).

  • How much does it cost: As an example, a person born in 1947 and insured for 3 000€ would pay around 24€ per month and we offer a 10% discount for couple subscription (so then only 22€ each per month). For 5 000€, it’s around 40€ and 10 000€ it’s 80€ (for couples, 36€ each for 5000€ and 72€ each for 10000€).

Conclusion: It is a contract we do quite often and the one we have never any problem with! There is no cheating with it, you are either dead or alive!! So, no expert needed! And no argument from the insurance company for paying! The payment is given very quickly once we have the death certificate, funeral bill and the ID of beneficiary (within 10 days).

For free quotes, all I need is your birthdate and the amount you want to be insured for. To do the contract, I need copies of passport, a RIB (French bank details) and the list of beneficiaries (date of birth, place of birth, name, maiden name and first name).

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