Firstly, and more importantly, note that you must declare your claim before you start any repair or replacement of your car!

A chipped or cracked windscreen:

You can make your claim from Your Allianz customer account, then make an appointment directly from one of our partners or get a call back from our glass breakage claim department.

Or you can make the claim from this number: 0978 978 090.

My car has been damaged in an accident and can still be driven:

Just call this number: 0978 978 000. We will arrange to come and pick your car up and give you a replacement car so you can carry on as per normal.

My car has broken down or been in an accident and cannot be driven:

Simply call 0 800 103 105 and we organise the recovery of your car. A text message is sent to you to inform you of the delay/time scale of the recovery vehicule.

If you have the App “Mon Allianz Mobile” on our smart phone, you can follow its position in real time!

You are injured in an accident:

Call 112 (emergency line) or send a text to 114 (for people with hearing difficulties). You can also do it from your App: “Mon Allianz Mobile” where you can also find some tips on security.

By calling 0800 103 105, you organise the recovery of your car as per above. But also arrange repatriation of the non-injured passengers or drivers, and general assistance, etc.

Your car has been stolen:

You can reach the breakdown service on 0800 103 105 who will organise the rest of your journey or repatriation to your home.

You must make a complaint with the gendarme or police within 24 hours and declare your claim on this number 0978 978 000 within 48 hours. This is important to exclude your personal liability in case the thief has caused an accident or committed a crime using your car.

You can do it even faster by doing it online;

If you have the option replacement car on your contract, you get a replacement car for 30 days.

Contact us !

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