OK, this is one of those insurance that you might think you don’t need! But when the accident happens, you wished you had it! Especially if you are clumsy! Or if you are very sporty or like gardening!

There is about 11 million non-occupational accidents each year and 4 times out of 5, the accident is self-inflicted so if you don’t have this insurance, you won’t get any compensation.

23% of non-occupational accidents happens at home (BBQ, gardening, cooking, etc.) so don’t think it only happens to others!

But be careful as this insurance is not for every type of accidents! And in my view it is not for everyone either! So read below to find out why.

  1. What does it cover:

This insurance gives compensation when the insured has suffered a personal injury which leads to:

-A permanent disability of 5% minimum.

-An esthetic damage (a good one, not just a mini scar!)


  1. When does it work:

This insurance covers you and your family (spouse and children) in case of injuries or death by accident in a non-professional situation. So it covers non occupational accidents that occur:

      -While doing sport.

      -While doing DIY or just being in your home.

      -When you are a victim of crime or terrorism.

      -Resulting from natural, industrial or technological disaster.

      -While being victim of a traffic accident (walking or cycling).

      -Resulting from a medical accident.

      -While using a motorised toy, a lawnmower or an electric wheelchair.

  1. What is not covered:

-Damages resulting from a previous injury of the insured.

-Damages resulting from a disease (even heart attack).

-Damages caused by the injured to himself intentionally.

-Damages resulting from an accidents in a car, motorbike, caravan or camping car.

-Damages resulting from civil war or war.

-Damages resulting from nuclear exposition or biomedical experiment

-Damages that are linked to your job.


  1. What compensation is covered:
  2. For death:

-Funeral cost.

-Loss of revenue for the close family.

-Expenses for the close family due to the death.

-Compensation for emotional distress for the close family.

  1. For permanent disability:

-The future and actual loss of revenue.

-The temporary or permanent functional deficiency.

-The assistance from a third person.

-The cost of adapting the house and vehicle to your disability.

-Compensation for endured suffering.

-Compensation for the loss of leisure activity (like not being able to do gardening, etc.).


  1. Cap of compensation:

1 million euro per victim, 20 000€ for actual loss of revenue and 20 000€ for temporary functional deficiency.

  1. How does it work:

An insurance expert (medical) is involved and assesses what percentage of disability you have. Then, the insurance company follows the rules established by court of common law depending on several factors (% of disability, age and revenue of victims, family situation, etc.).

So if you are 70 years old, you won’t be getting much as it won’t affect your revenues! IN fact with Allianz we won’t cover people over 68 years old as we don’t think it is worth it.

  1. Examples of compensations:

Eg1: Sylvie is 68 and goes to Brazil on holiday. She falls there and is injured with a very bad fracture of the hip (fracture per-trochanterienne de la hanche). She is in hospital for 8 days. With this contract, she will be entitled to 10 000€ compensation for endured suffering, 4 000€ for esthetic damages, 4 000€ compensation for loss of leisure activity (no more holidays!) 7 800€ for cost of adapting her car, 7 340€ for adapting the house and 20 000€ for permanent disability (20%). Total compensation from Allianz: 53 140€.

Eg2: Marc, 31 years old, works as a manager for a building company and loses the use of his hand while manipulating some fireworks on New Year’s Eve. His job obliged him to use his hand. With this contract, he will be entitled to 8000€ compensation for endured suffering, 2 000€ for esthetic damages, 9 599€ compensation for loss of actual revenue, 60 901€ for loss of future revenue. Total compensation from Allianz: 80 500€.



Those are the conditions with the Allianz contract, if you have this type of insurance with someone else than Allianz, check the conditions.

It costs between 150 and 300 euro per year depending on your age and your family structure but it could cost you even more if you have an accident and you are not covered!

We had a young customer who cut his hand (sectioned his ligament) while using his lawnmower and loss the use of his hand (10% disability). He was a butcher and therefore lost his job. He was unfortunately not covered and wished he was.

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