When you know that the average price for a ruptured ligament is between €300 to €800, €1000 for a broken leg and up to €2000 for a hip replacement, why not consider pet insurance.

First of all, pet insurance is for dogs and cats only! We don’t want to know about parrots, snakes, rats or other extravagant animals that don’t sleep on sofas! Yes, my Labrador is allowed on my sofa, but I would not let a snake or a rat on it! Note that we do a special insurance for horses but we don’t call it pet insurance.

Dogs that are part of a stag or fox-hunt (too accident prone) are refused.

You must declare that your dog or cat is healthy at the time you take out the insurance and that it is up to date with all its vaccines.

Your pet has to be tattooed or chipped to be insured. We only need to know their name, birth date and what breed it is to give you a quote. For the contract, we need the tattooed number or chipped reference number.

Your pet must be between 3 months and 7 years old. Before and after that age we cannot start the insurance. The level of cover does not decrease with the age of the pet and it will be insured until it dies.

There are 3 levels of cover:

Cover\Formula budget confort serenite
Accident Yes Yes Yes
Disease without surgery No Yes Yes
Surgery after disease Yes Yes Yes
Reimbursement 50% 70% 80%
Excess per year / 20€ 35€
Preventive health measures such as vaccines, castration, worm pills, flee and tick treatment, etc. No No 40€
Cap per year 1100€ 1400€ 1800€

There is a respite for the claim of 2 days if it is an accident and 45 days if it is a disease and 6 Months in case of surgery following a disease. There is a discount when you have more than one pet insured (10% discount per additional pets and 15% after the third one).

Premiums per Month:

Cover/Formula Budget Confort Serenite
Cats 8.14€ 17.41€ 26.68€
Dog class 1- A 10.20€ 22.56€ 30.80€
Dog class 2- B 10.20€ 28.74€ 38.01€
Dog class 3- C 10.20€ 35.95€ 49.34€

Example of Class 1 dogs: American Staffordshire terrier, Berger Australien, Border Collie, Pitbull, etc

Example of Class 2 dogs: Beagle, Labradors, Beauceron, German sheppard, Bloodhound, Puddle, Chihuahua, Dalmatian, Spaniol, golden retriever, King Charles, English setter, Teckel, Yorshire Terrier, Whippet, etc

Example of class 3 dogs: Boxer, Bullmastiff, Chow Chow, Doberman, Fox-Terrier, Setter Gordon, Shar-pei, Irish Wolfhound,

You can read the full list here:

So, there it is, pet insurance is not complicated to understand so don’t hesitate to take on a new companion from your local S.P.A. (dog and cat rescue home) or any other charitable association!!

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