Yes, it’s September and that only means one thing: Back to school!!And you must wonder why the school ask you for a certificate of assurances for your child so let me explain what it is, what it is for and how much it costs!

  1. What is it:

 It is an insurance for kids and students. The assurance scolaire is not an obligation but most schools won’t accept your child unless they have one. In any case, your child won’t be able to go along the school trips if he does not have this insurance so it is better if the child has one.

They are 3 ages:

-Baby: 0 to 3 years old

-Junior: 3 years old to end of school

-Etudiant: Further education

  1. What does it cover:

It is a personal injury insurance for your child so if your child has an accident at school or anywhere else for that matter, the insurance company pays a lump sum of 3800 euro for death or between 100000 and 200000 euro for invalidity (amount depends of % of incapacity).

It can also cover damages to teeth (305 euro per teeth), hearing aid (770 euro), glasses and contact lenses (153 euro) as long as there is a medical certificate proving the child was injured. So if the child broke his glasses playing football and he is not injured, the insurance won’t pay.

It can also pay for a bed so one of the parents can stay in the hospital room with the injured child.

Another cover is the cost for search and rescue of the child following an accident or any other events endangering the child’s life.

The insurance can also cover robbery up to a certain amount (only clothes, sport equipment and school bags) but you will need to have kept the original invoice! Needless to say we have never had a claim for that! As nobody keeps the invoices forever.

Last thing but not least is what we call “école continue” so that if your child is injured and can’t go to school, the insurance pays for 6 hours per week of private tuition in your house. Child must be absent of school for medical reason for more than 15 days.

It does not cover loss or breakage so if your child loses or breaks his mobile phone, tough luck!

But note that if your child breaks a window, this is covered by the public liability insurance which is inside your house insurance contract. So things not covered by the school insurance can be covered by another of your insurances.

  1. How much it cost:

Not much actually! Depending on the age of your child, cover can cost between 23 and 50 euro per year. And if you have more than child, there is usually a discount.

So there it is, school insurance is a must especially for just 3 to 4 euro per month so it’s not worth depraving your child of a fantastic school trip to a goat cheese factory!!

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