As you might have found out in France, we love paperwork! Well, French people do not like it, but it would seem that our government and civil servants do…. And maybe insurance companies, banks, etc do as well! But fear no more! If you are fed up with filing, you can use a new simulator to check how long you have to keep them before using them to start your fire!!

This simulator has been created and is managed by our government:

Because this is fun, here are a few examples for you:

-Renewal letter for your insurance contract (Avis d ‘échéance in French): 2 years.

-Income tax bill (avis d’imposition impôts sur le revenu) : 3 years

-Bank statement: 5 years

-Invoice for work done in the house: 10 years if big work, 2 years if no decennale (10 years work garanty) needed

-Water bill: 5 years

-Medical prescription: 1 year, more for glasses

-Medical reimbursements: 2 years

-Salary slip: Forever

-Birth certificate: Forever.

Obviously, those are the minimum times to keep them. You can keep them much longer than the recommended time if you are that way inclined!!