When you need some dental treatment and the dentist gives you a quote, you obviously want to know how much (if any) you will get back from your Allianz top up. If you send it to us directly, all we do is send it to Allianz Santé and it can take up to 2 weeks for them to come back to you or us.

However, if you send it to Allianz santé yourself via your Allianz customer account, you will get an answer within 72 hours!! So please do try it and here is how to do it:

First connect to your Allianz customer account:

This is the entire first page in 3 screens. Click on mySantéClair. You then come up to this screen:

Click on Continuer on the bottom right in blue.

Get rid of this pop-up screen by clicking on the X on the top right of it.

This screen then appears and you then choose and you need to click on the arrow on the right (I surrounded it for you):

You then need to click on Analyser mon devis

This screen then pops up and you need to select the first option: Je souhaite une analyse par un conseiller

You then choose Dentaire for teeth in the scroll down menu of the domaine and click on des protheses ou des implants (for crowns or implants) or click on De L’orthodonthie (for kid’s braces):

You then download the quote (you first need to have it saved as a scanned document on your computer) by clicking on choisir un fichier.

When you click on choisir un fichier, the window pops up and you simply need to choose your quote on your files.

You then scroll down the screen and enter your details. This is because there could be more then one person attached to the Health top up contract.

Enter your Name (surname only), then prénom (first name) and date of birth and email and telephone number.

You then need to tick the bottom below that I have surrounded which allows Allianz to access your contract and future treatment information. You simply slide the button to the right.

You then click on Envoyer mon devis.

You are done and will receive your answer within 72 hours (except weekend and bank holidays).

If you get stuck, let us know. We can do it for you if you send us your Allianz customer account access code.