When you have some treatment done (dental, hospital private room, surcharges, blood test, etc) for which the reimbursement was not done automatically, you need to send them directly to Allianz santé. You can do this from your Allianz customer account.

First connect to your account and select Je consulte mes contracts

You then come to the page with the listing of all your contracts with Allianz. Underneath your health contract there is a line in blue stating “demander un remboursement”. Click on it:

This page then opens. You need to click on yes or no to answer this question: has this treatment been partly reimbursed by CPAM. You then enter the details of the beneficiary of the treatment that needs reimbursing and the date of the treatment was done. You also select what medical area of treatment it was from the list (dental, optical, surgery, consultation, Spa or treatment abroad), then what type of Treatment is was and the amount. You then click on valider

If the treatment was partly reimbursed by CPAM, you need to have saved on your computer the statement from CPAM showing their reimbursement and the bill you want to be reimbursed for. You then come to this page on which you need to download both documents:

You then click on valider and this page appears telling you it is OK and you should get a reimbursement within 72 hours (outside weekend and bank holidays)

Of course, if you are having some difficulties, do not hesitate to send them directly to our office and we will do it for you. But note that reimbursements will then take a bit longer.