Yes, we also celebrate Easter and it is the most important celebration of Christianism. Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the full moon that follows the 21st of March. It celebrates the resurection of Jesus. Le Lundi de Paques which is Easter Monday is bank holiday but not good Friday in France. We work that day!

On good Friday, it is tradition to eat fish. On Easter Sunday it is tradition to eat Lamb or Kidd with flagolet (beans) with quite a lot of red wine!

Like in the UK, children and adults search for chocolate eggs in the garden on Easter Sunday. Eggs, rabbit or Hare and bells are the traditional chocolate figure. This is because rabbit and eggs represent the return of spring and birth and the bell are said to be quiet from Thursday (because they went to Rome) and ring on Sunday distributing eggs around the village! Believe that if you want!

Nothing to do with Easter but also in April is April fool day which is on the 1st of April and yes, we do silly things that day as well. We call it “Poisson d’avril” which means Fish of April. Please don’t ask me why. Children cut paper figurines of fish and spend all day sticking them up on people’s back as a joke! This is mostly done at school by kids but I know some of my colleague have not grown up yet! Media, press, etc also do fake stories and once the joke or the sticky fish is discovered, you shout “poisson d’avril”! Very strange I know!