Although it is not the funniest thing to talk about, you must know what to do in case of a car accident. It is better to look at it when you are calm and composed instead than finding out what to do after an accident when you stressed out and shocked.

If you have an accident and the car is damaged, you must fill in a CONSTAT AMIABLE which is a friendly accident report. You must fill this even if you simply damage the car yourself or with an animal. You can ask for an accident form from our office, and we provide a translated version.

  • If the accident involves 2 vehicles, just fill one accident statement, take a copy each (when filling the first page, make sure it writes on the page underneath too)
  • If the accident involves more than 2 vehicles, fill one accident statement per vehicle involved. e.g.: for a pile up, you are in the middle, fill in a statement with the vehicle in front and another with the vehicle behind.
  • Take photographs when possible

Filling the accident statement, right this is where it can get tricky! You must be very vigilant.

  • Box 1: Date
  • Box 2: Where it happened
  • Box 3: Injured, yes / no
  • Box 4: Damage other than vehicle A and B
  • Box 5: Witness name and address
  • Box 6: Your name, address
  • Box 7: Vehicle details
  • Box 8: Insurance company details (all the info will be on your green insurance certificate)
  • Box 9: Driver’s details
  • Box 10: Indicate where the damages are
  • Box 11: Write down the damage
  • Box 12: Please tick the correct circumstances; if none applies please do not tick anything. MAKE sure you check which box the other driver ticked!
  • Box 13: Draw a lay out of the accident. ACCURACY is vitally important!
  • Box 14: remarks

If you do not agree with the other person involved in the accident, do not sign the accident form and write your comment in box 14.

If the other driver refuses to sign, make sure you write refuse to sign in box 14.

If the other driver refuses to fill in the accident form, make sure you take his number plate and write it in box 14.

If you suspect the other driver is intoxicated, please call the gendarmerie.

You must send your copy of the statement to your insurance company within 5 days.

If you are injured and cannot fill in the accident statement, contact your insurance company or get someone else to do it as soon as possible.


Different Right of Ways

Types of Priority can get a little trickier as there are “One-Time Priority” (priorité ponctuelle),“Priority road” and priority to the right “Priorité à droite” meaning people coming from your right have priority, even if they are driving fast!

One Time Priority

Priority Road

Crossroad with right-of-way to the right


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