From the 1st of April 2024, all vehicles in France which already have a green card (proof of insurance) will be integrated into a system called FVA which allows the authorities (gendarme and police) to check the insurance status of that vehicle. This system is updated every 72 hours maximum by insurance companies. This means that from 1st of April, you will no longer get a green card as the authorities do not have to ask for it anymore! They simply enter your number plate into the system and can find out if you are insured or not. This system is available is all countries in and around Europe apart from: Albania, Azerbaijan, Morocco, Moldova, Republic of North Macedonia, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine. 

From 1st of April, you will have a document called “Memo Vehicule Assuré” which won’t have a date limit (contrary to the green card which was renewed every year). This document (electronic version or paper) stands as proof of insurance in case you go to Ukraine!! Or if you get stopped in the first 72 hours and the system has not yet been updated. 

This document will also have some useful information such as the breakdown number, how to fill in an accident report and how to make a claim.